Entertainers' Liability Insurance
Liability Insurance Program and Enrollment Form
Program Description

This insurance program has been specifically designed for US based members of the Nationwide Santas - Other Characters.  This program does NOT cover Santa Claus. Coverages provided under this program include important liability protection for the NS Performer member or NS Performer member and assistant for claims arising out of their operations as character entertainer and assistant(s).

Eligible Operations

Coverage limited to registered members of NS Performer only and their assistants who have been reported to the company and for whom a premium has been paid.

Coverage Term

The Master Policy is a 12 month policy that runs for 12 months beginning 8/1.

Liability Coverage and Limits

Commercial general liability coverage protects the insured against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises, operations, products and completed operations.  No deductible applies to liability claims.

Rates Option 1  
General Aggregate Limit (Other than products-completed operations) 3,000,000
Products/Completed Operations Aggregate Limit 2,000,000
Damage to Premises Leased or Rented to You 100,000
Each Occurrence 1,000,000
Personal and Advertising Injury 1,000,000
Umbrella Aggregate 1,000,000
Umbrella Each Occurrence 1,000,000
Subject to the following terms and conditions
  • Aggregate Limit Applies Per Member
  • Abuse & Molestation Coverage is included only if a current passing background check is verified by or on file with your organization.
  • (Sub-limit; $300,000 per occurrence, $500,000 aggregate)
  • Bodily Injury to Performers Excluded
  • Additional Insured’s – Lessors of Premises, Sponsors, included at no additional premium.
  • ADDITIONAL CHARACTER POLICY INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO: Clowns; Uncle Sam; Easter Bunny; Renaissance Fairs; Magicians; Story Tellers
    Example: Mickey Mouse; Sponge Bob Square Pants; Marvel Super Heroes; DC Super Heroes; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Coverage is provided by HDI Specialty SE, rated A VIII.

Rates Option 1  
Per Member $120.00 Flat/Fully Earned
Per Member $3.60 Credit Card Transaction Fee
Per Member Assistant(s) $120.00 Flat/Fully Earned
Per Member Assistant(s) $3.11 Credit Card Transaction Fee
Processing Fee $5.00  

Optional Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement $105 (must call Kaercher to obtain this option)

  1. You will be notified by Kaercher Insurance if, for any reason, your submission to this insurance is declined or determined to be ineligible for coverage and your premium payment will be returned or refunded.
  2. If your enrollment is accepted, you will receive a certificate of insurance indicating coverage.
  3. Coverage will become effective the day after the enrollment form and premium payment are received by Kaercher Insurance, or a later date that is specified on the enrollment form and run until 8/1 of the following year.
  4. For any requests for changes or additions to your current coverage or any changes to the original enrollment form, please indicate those changes or additions in writing.
  5. Please allow 7 business days for processing.

Note: Any requests to amend or change coverage, or the information reported on the enrollment form must be submitted in writing to Kaercher Insurance.

Contact Information

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